Allison Culbertson

allison2Hudson Valley based, Allison Culbertson, has a meticulous way of capturing all things tasteful; Hudson Design, Ruth Beattie, Tortillaville, and Food Truck 411 are but a few examples. Of course, she would not say as much herself, so I have stepped in to say it for her. Allison graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University, after which she went on to work at a prestigious NYC design firm for five years. At 25, Allison opened the first multimedia lounge bar in SoHo, NY, called vOID. That creation lasted eight years. She and Brian partnered at vOID for the second half of this time. The sale of vOID is what led them to the Hudson Valley. Together, they formed Hudson Design. The recession of 2008 is what led them to Tortillaville. Having purchased a home with the proceeds from the sale of bar, a food truck seemed somewhat of a step down, but the newness of food trucks, and the lifestyle, deemed it worthy. It also gave Allison the opportunity to create a new brand. Here, Allison not only took on the roll of recipe guru, Brian was her taste tester, but she single handedly created all of the artwork, including; signs (hand painting many), Facebook page, websites, menus, etc. Food Truck 411 brings to a peak, this five year effort. Allison designed the entire book; cover, interior layout, and recipe section. She has used her talents, and her college degree in graphic design very well, I would say. And, just in case you are wondering; yes, Allison does still accept freelance design work, and yes, her jewelry is still available online.