Book Intro

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Food trucks are having their day. They’ve come a long way from the roach coach and dirty water dog days of old. The modern day food truck is no longer the immigrant selling Sabrett hot dogs and salted pretzels on a street corner; it has evolved to sophisticated fare worthy of gourmet stature.

The new flotilla of food trucks offer a diverse selection, including; Middle Eastern, Mexican, Asian, and incredible edibles from around the globe. It is an occupy movement all its own that has likely rolled down a street near you. And, the reviews are in: it just might be the favorite food on the block, and certainly the most affordable.

Food Truck 411 is a week-in-the-life. It is a cookbook, photo book, and a personal account of  life—inside the box. It is written with the intent to assist the budding food truck entrepreneur; although, anyone intrigued with the modern-day food truck trend, is certain to take interest. And, if you like Mexican food; the back portion of the book offers a generous helping of over 30 winning recipes.

Those of you who are entertaining the thought of opening a food truck (or even a cafe), can confidently look to this book as a trusty and reliable road atlas. It will get you there sooner, and it will save you both time and money.

The following pages offer experiences and insights of food truck life. It begs the question, “Are you ready to roll?” Regardless of which side of the counter you stand, I invite you to come along for the journey.

The journey in this case, is with the food truck, Tortillaville. We have stories to tell, recipes to share, and sage advice to offer. But, ours is a journey in search of  the most vital piece of information of all—the recipe for success. Let’s find it together.