“While primarily a how-to guide for those convinced they want to make a go of it in the food-truck business, anyone could enjoy reading ‘Food Truck 411’ just for the story, the adventure, the fascinating backstage glimpse it provides to all the steps that go into making that terrific burrito, or even just for the pictures. As for me, it made me hungry.” more >>

— Seth Rogovoy, the Rogovoy Report

“I’m not recommending you put me or my family in a centrifuge. But if you did, you’d find out we’re now about 98% Tortillaville burritos, and only about 2% water. This is a result of being fed on Brian and Allison’s exquisitely savory and homey Mexican fare ever since we moved to the Hudson Valley. They have taken the food cart revolution to the heart of the foodshed, and along the way, created something special. No one is better suited to tell you about that revolution, and how to join it at its exciting forefront. If nothing else, the time has come to tune in, drop out, buy a truck, retrofit it, and return deliciousness to the streets”.

— Stephen Metcalf, Slate Magazine’s Critic-at-Large  

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