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April 2013 Press Release
For Immediate Release

New Food Truck Book Captures the Artisanal Movement of the Hudson Valley

Food Truck 411: The Essential Information to Run a Successful Food Truck

by Brian Branigan

Food Truck 411 is a new book by Tortillaville owner, Brian Branigan, detailing the many advantages and potential pitfalls of owning a modern day food truck. It is also a photo book, cook book, and a food truck operators vantage point of life—inside the box. Food Truck 411, is the first comprehensive food truck book, written by a food truck cook. Mr. Branigan is the only known full time food truck operator / author in the Hudson Valley or elsewhere. The book is also photographed by Brian Branigan. The recipe section, cover design, interior layout, book website, and facebook page is credited to Tortillaville co-owner Allison Culbertson

Food Truck 411 takes place in the time of the great recession, Spring of 2009, when the author and his partner are in need of a Plan B solution. Fittingly, it opens with a road trip, and a tale of how Mr. Branigan and Ms. Culbertson happen upon a shiny concession trailer when brought to a stop by a red light. They like to refer to this stop as the intersection of Chance and Hope. It is a story of a city couple moving to the country in need of employment. It is a story of second chances, trials and tribulations, and of hardship and success. It is a book for anyone in need of a Plan B, and up to the challenge of food truck life. The book takes place at the dawn of the modern-day food truck trend, and theirs, the first modern-day food truck of Hudson, NY; a bustling little city outpacing many other small cities and towns in recession recovery.

Food Truck 411 has a philosophical side too. It takes the reader on a journey, sometimes at whiplash speed. It discusses life lessons, including; balance, challenges and remedies. Even a short poem-like outline, The Recipe, is instructive as a way for living, as much as anything else. In its totality, the book indeed aids those who are looking to the food truck business as a solution to employment woes or discontent, but it has broad brush stroke metaphors that all individuals and businesses alike can appreciate.

The photos shine in a community quality, and the recipes reign supreme as a sort of gift, an offering and extra bonus for simply perhaps, coming along for the ride. In short, it is the most personal and complete food truck book that has yet been written, fully achieving its purpose, and maybe even going down the road–just a little bit further. What started with humble beginnings, now has a long established and loyal clientele, that has since served numerous known celebrities, including; Harrison Ford, Rik Ocasek, Paulina Porizkova, Brice Marden, Lauren Hutton, and Parker Posey to name a few. And, with 10,000 burritos and 6,000 tacos served every eighty-day season, Tortillaville remains forever humble, yet very popular.

Food Truck 411 will be available on Amazon (hard copy and e-book), in local book shops, local gift shops, and at the Tortillaville food truck. The website for the book is The Facebook page is To contact the author for related coverage, or to schedule an interview, you can do so at, or call him directly at 518-291-6048. A copy of the book and press kit is available upon request. The ISBN locator # is 978-0-9892840-0-4